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Development Lotteries Board
Sri Lanka

To manage critical documents more quickly and easily while simultaneously streamlining its business operations, Development Lotteries Board(DLB) of Sri Lanka is an award-winning innovative and trend setting Lottery Organization in Sri Lanka. From the inception of the Development Lottery, it has used state of the art technology for printing of Lottery tickets and all prize payment to the general public adopted DoxPro Enterprise Content Management System by converting from a cumbersome paper-based system to an advanced Electronic Content Management solution, DLB reinforced its enviable position in the marketplace and enhanced its bottom-line performance.

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“Our biggest challenge had been filing and retrieving the paper documents we need to function,” said Mr. Madura Harshana, Assistant General Manager Information Technology for DLB

"DoxPro was adaptable to our needs and extremely easy to learn and use. It eliminated the costly problem of misfiled, misplaced and lost documents, and greatly reduced the amount of space we had to devote to document storage. Not only DoxPro has expedited document filing and retrieval greatly, it also serves as a central repository for our documents. Now, people in different departments across the company have direct access to the documents they need and can find them quickly, without depending on others. Every day, someone is saying,"

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“Our improved efficiency with DoxPro is saving us a great deal of time,” said Assistant General Manager – Finance Mr. Kasun Jayasooriya, “and this translates directly into cost savings. We estimate that we are saving considerable amount annually on labor costs associated with filing and retrieving vital documents and in other areas, and this means that DoxPro is paying for itself over time.”

The documents DLB needs to manage its accounts include customer statements/ Vouchers, which are weekly summaries of customers’ account activity; delivery tickets, which serve as proofs of delivery; and credit memos, which document and authorize returns all generated by the Accounts Receivable (AR) Department.

Prior to implementing DoxPro, these and other vital paper records had to be filed manually, and large amounts of the employees’ time was required to file the documents and then retrieve them when needed. Documents resided in filing cabinets in the office for six months and then had to be moved to a back room. After one year, they had to be moved again, this time to a warehouse under “less than ideal” condition.

Today, documents are scanned into DoxPro using a simple desktop scanner and indexed immediately. “DoxPro was configured specifically for our requirements,” Madura Harshana, AGM -IT explained.

“Everyone here who uses DoxPro really loves it and I would definitely recommend this outstanding solution,” Mr. Madura Harshana, AGM IT said. “DoxPro will not disappoint you—it is such a great tool to have!”